Medical Research Education

Through the generous gift of donation, VisionFirst is able to provide research tissue for surgeons and researchers in their fight against blindness. Use of this tissue helps surgeons and researchers advance their expertise in the treatment of corneal disease, glaucoma, retinal disorders, and other forms of blindness.

To place an order for research tissue, email us at


Training & Consulting

VisionFirst employs talented and exceptionally skilled technicians in the field. They have undergone comprehensive training and performance reviews to prepare specialty grafts. Our experienced clinical staff is available to facilitate this training and offer consulting services. 



"They are helpful and accommodating with all of our needs. This collaborating involves several important steps including the initial hospital relationships, staff education, patient screening, cornea recovery and follow-up with our generous families. We are pleased with the quality and compassionate care VisionFirst provides to our employees, patients and families"

- Melissa D Miller, RN, Clinical Educator
MSCIC Donor Council Represenative, Lutheran Health Network